Sausage & Hot Dogs

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The Homemade Famous Pan Sausage2.99/lb
Homemade Pork Polish5.99/lb
Eckrich Rope Kielbasi10.95
Eckrich Smoked Beef Rope Kielbasi10.95
Dutch Brand Beef Polish (hot/mild) 1.5lbs 6pc6.99
Dutch Brand Skinless Beef Polish2.5lb 12pc9.95
Five Star German Franks (pork, hot/mild) 2lb 10pc11.95
Five Star Beef Kielbasi (hot/mild) 3lb 15pc18.75
Five Start Turkey Kielbasis (hot/mild) 2lb 10pc12.95
Five Star Knockwurst 2lb 10pc11.95
Bob Evans Sausage Rolls (original, hot, maple, Italian, sage)
1 roll4.29
2 rolls8.5
Bob Evans Patties 2lb box (hot/mild) 30pc8.95
Bob Evans Break Links 20oz 24pc8.5
Johnsonville Cooked Turkey Patties 8pc4.59
Johnsonville Cooked Turkey Links 12pc4.59
Butterball Turkey Sausage4.49
Andouille 1lb 6pc5.49
100+ cooked Sausage Patties10lb box39.95
Hot Dogs/Weiners
Five Star Jumbo Beef Weiners (hog casing) 2lb 10pc13.95
Five Star Beef Weiners (sheep casing) 2lb 14pc16.95
Sugardale Guardians all beef Hot Dogs 8pc3.99
3 pack 24pc11.95
Hebrew National Kosher Beef Wieners 4pcsale4.99
BarS Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs
8pc pack5.99
24pc pack15.95
BarS Turkey Hot Dogs8pc pack2.19
24pc pack6
Sugardale Hot Dogs 1lb 8pc2.09
3lb 24pc6.25
Corndogs Classic 8pc4.99
Corndogs Beef 8pc6.49
Wild Jerkyvenison/bison/elk2.99pkg
Dutch Brand Beef Polish18lb box 72 pcs66.75
Dutch Brand Beef Polish10lb box 60pc39.8
Five Star German Franks12lb box 60 pcs70
Five Star Turkey Polish12lb box 60 pcs76.5
Five Star Knockwurst12lb box 60 pcs70
Five Star bun size Beef Hot Dogs12lb box 84 pcs99
Five Star Jumbo Beef Hot Dogs12lb box 60 pcs83.5
Sugardale All Meat Hot Dogs24lb box 192 pcs49.95
Sugardale All Beef Hot Dogs22.5lb box 192 pcs126
Hebrew National Kosher Beef Weiners9lb box 48 pcs59
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