Cheese & Deli

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Corned Beef7.99/lb
Ham off the Bone5.99/lb
Five Star Honey Ham6.99/lb
Plumrose Chopped Ham3.49/lb
BarS Bologna 1lb pack1.99
Kahns Deluxe Club Bologna2.99/lb
Kahns Beef Bologna3.99/lb
BarS Cooked Salami2.99
Eckrich Hard Salami7.49/lb
Sugardale Pepperoni5.99/lb
Sara Lee BBQ Chicken7.49/lb
Sara Lee Oven Roasted Chicken7.49/lb
Sara Lee Buffalo Chicken7.49/lb
Sara Lee Oven Roasted Turkey6.95/lb
Sara Lee Cajun Turkey7.49/lb
Carolina Honey Roasted Turkey7.49/lb
Carolina Smoked Turkey6.95/lb
Carolina Shaving Turkey1.99/lb
Jennie O Turkey Ham4.29/lb
Jennie O Turkey Pastrami4.69/lb
American Cheese
72 slice box12.75
120 slice box15.75yellow or white
Super Sharp Hoffman Cheddar6.49/lb
Great Lakes Colby5.49/lb
Great Lakes Colby-Jack5.49/lb
Great Lakes Hot Pepper/Jalapeno5.49/lb
Great Lakes Muenster5.49/lb
Great Lakes Provolone5.49/lb
Great Lakes Swiss4.99/lb
*need a lot of cheese? Buy a whole loaf, no slicing, take off $1/lb
Shredded Mozzarella8.5/lb
Shredded Cheddar8.5/lb